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Across every channel, every subscriber and every visitor, we've got you covered. From web, email and push to emerging channels like mobile newsreader and chat, PowerInbox is on the cutting edge of audience engagement and monetization. Here's what we're working on to help you make the most of your monetization program.

Mobile News Readers

Mobile news consumption is growing fast, providing a tremendous opportunity for publishers to get on board with mobile news aggregators that deliver relevant stories in an easy-to-consume format. By delivering targeted sponsored content through these channels, publishers can reach a massive audience and deliver new impressions to their brand partners.


Live chat boxes giver publishers a highly effective real-time channel to communicate with subscribers. By leveraging this channel to deliver content, publishers can engage with subscribers and non-subscribers one-on-one based on known preferences and behavior. Adding monetization feature turns chat into a valuable channel for engaging audiences and adding new revenue.

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Publisher friendly platform giving 200% revenue growth

We’ve been very pleased and can invest 100% of the revenue from PowerInbox back into our media spend to grow our subscriber base.
Brian Griffin
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