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Start monetizing your emails in minutes!

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Start monetizing your emails in minutes!

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Email Monetization Ecosystem

Give your audiences the personalized experience they’ve come to expect in every email, every time.

Engage target audiences naturally with precisely personalized content they WANT to see.

Our core technology leverages audience intelligence gleaned from data associated with the email address as a unique identifier. This insight powers machine learning to deliver increasingly relevant content recommendations across web, email and app experiences.

See how companies like yours benefit from using PowerInbox

Amplify email response and drive clicks to earn incremental new revenue

People keep saying that email is dead, but it proves itself to remain relevant. Why not add something to personalize it, drive clicks and even make money.”
Laura Derr
Manager, Marketing Operations
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Tap into highly personalized, real-time optimized content.

We’ve seen positive results with the integration of PowerInbox’s RevenueStripe into our email campaigns.
Landy Ung
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Email-based ads that are as easy to manage and track as any online ad.

We’re getting more advertisers into our newsletters because those ads are managed alongside our web inventory with the same transparency. We never have to manually set up or track an email campaign again.
Steve Werkmeister
Director of Marketing
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