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A Year in Review: How We Left Our Mark on 2019

January 5, 2020  •  By: Renee Chemel

PowerInbox Year in Review 2019

We just rang in 2020, but 2019 was a great year for all of us at PowerInbox. For that reason, we’ve decided to reflect on how we left our mark on 2019 while also looking optimistically forward to a successful 2020.

So, just how good was 2019? Let’s take a look!

We Won Some Awards

We were honored to have been recognized in our industry and awarded the following:

Thanks to our booming growth rate, industry-leading tech innovation, and overall entrepreneurship, we’re on the radar from coast to coast, and that serves as inspiration for us to up the ante in 2020.

We Love our #FotoFriday Fans

We are proud to have 12,463 #FotoFriday followers on social media! We share the latest industry news and trends over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But we have a special place in our hearts for #FotoFriday on Instagram, where we love sharing photos to give everyone an in(box)side look at our customer events, our employees’ unique hobbies, worldwide travels with the PowerInbox mascot Cammie, company offsites, and more!

A Wealth of Content

Last year, our network reached over 200M unique monthly users with 15B (yes, you read that right) monthly emails running our code in 8,000 newsletters, bringing client branding to inboxes all over the world! That kind of traction helps establish and grow authority and build rapport.

But, it doesn’t stop there. 4B push notifications were sent to over 10M subscribers, helping publishers drive incremental traffic and revenue. We put together this data sheet to explain more about the benefits of leveraging push. 

We Spoke to Experts

This year, our InsiderInbox series featured an amazing roundup of professionals in a variety of industries. We spoke with Sharon Magen, CEO and Co-founder of DataWit, Elie Ashery of Gold Lasso, entrepreneur Aryeh Mergi, Ashley Glenn of SSPR, and Shlomo Kutner from The Real Deal

In Email We Trust: The First Annual Survey

Last year we also launched a study called “How Adults Consume and Filter Information Online” that surveyed 1,000 consumers. As it turns out, email is still one of the best channels for reaching and engaging with an audience. It’s trusted, reliable, and it gives both publishers and subscribers control. You can find the press release about the study here.

We also put together two different e-books – “In Email We Trust” and “Email: The Critical Link in Your Monetization Strategy” – that discuss the insightful survey results in detail. Our study also went beyond PowerInbox content and earned coverage in MarTech Series not once but twice, and also landed a story in MediaPost!

But that’s not all. This year we’ll be launching the 2nd annual AdTech survey! Keep an eye out for the topic and results coming later this month.

We Shared Advice

Our CEO Jeff Kupietzky shared his wisdom with a variety of publications this year. Here are some highlights:

  • “Using email as the unique identifier is the only reliable way to deliver hyper-targeted content across every channel. Email-based personalization allows publishers to build a deeper, richer understanding of user behavior, which allows more precise personalization of ads, driving more clicks and higher engagement and revenue.” – Jeff Kupetizky in MarTech Series
  • He touched on the instability of social for publishers and why email is the safer option in MediaPost
  • He shared the best time to send a marketing email with Forbes
  • He discussed the 4 signs it’s time to sell your product in Software Business Growth
  • He was part of a great interview in AdMonsters discussing the future of email monetization
  • Remote work is quickly becoming a huge trend in companies, and Jeff touched on the benefits of having a remote company in Economist
  • Don’t miss his exclusive interview with DotCom Magazine about his leadership style, passions, and vision for the future of PowerInbox
  • Learn more about the alternative to Online Travel Agencies in his Hospitality Net piece
  • Learn why email is the key to winning the online travel wars in Hospitality Technology
  • He also discusses the key to unlocking hotel guest engagement with email advertising in Hotel Technology News

If it’s not clear, he’s a guy who knows his stuff and is kind enough to share.

Revealing the Power Behind PowerInbox

We launched a new blog series to give you an in(box)side look at the power behind PowerInbox: our employees! You can check out some of the features we’ve already published:

Stay tuned for more posts coming this year!

Launching in 2020

We’re excited for what 2020 has to bring, especially:


We’d like to thank our partners and supporters for helping us achieve the above successes in 2019. We’re excited to see what 2020 brings!

If you’re interested in learning more about how PowerInbox can supercharge your monetization strategy, reach out to our team today to learn more and start achieving your own 2020 successes!


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Get the inside track on the latest AdTech & MarTech news, trends and strategies.

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Your direct-sold ads in email that easily translates into money. How? Check out AdServer for Email.

Drive revenue in every email you send. Learn how with RevenueStripe.