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Let our advertising solutions deliver new audiences and higher conversions.

Extend Your Reach

Reach millions of high-value, highly-coveted, opt-in subscribers through trusted publishers.

Targeted Audience

Precisely targeted, real-time placement ensures effective outreach with minimal effort.

Premium Options

We’ll match your brand with premium publishers to deliver the audience metrics that meet your needs.

Performance Tracking

Complete performance tracking supports accurate bidding, budgeting and conversion reporting.

Cross Channel Compatability

Flexible ad sizing, in both native and display, that works on any channel, any device.


Our innovation, creative and support teams are aligned with your needs to give you the results you want.

We'd tested other email advertising networks in previous years, but we saw strong performance with PowerInbox, especially considering its flexibility. It's incredible to see the performance we've had with PowerInbox; especially with native ads — the results have been really strong.
Laila Husain
Channel Manager
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PowerInbox allows us to expand our reach with publishers that don’t sell direct, giving us access to audiences that we couldn’t reach before.
Drew Kossoff
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