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Extend your existing web program with direct-sold ads in email campaigns and newsletters

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PowerInbox's Email Ad Server Features

Integrate online & email campaigns for multi-channel monetization.


Set priority ads and make real-time changes to instantly remove advertisers, adjust creative, etc.

Complete Integration

Manage web and email programs easily in one familiar system through our complete integration with all online ad servers


Engage users with contextually targeted, personalized content and multimedia experiences

Email Monetization

Monetize emails with CPM-based programs that drive much higher revenue than flat-rate

If you aren’t putting effort into your email channel, now is the time to get started!

Check out what our CEO has to say about the power of email.

PowerInbox delivers a critically important newsletter ad serving product, with a seamless GAM integration for our Crain group of brands. Having one unified trafficking system has allowed us to create scales of efficiencies in multi-platform setups for newsletter campaigns alongside our web campaigns, monitor holistic campaign delivery, pull reporting from one system, and simplify training efforts for new hires.
Scott Colter
Digital Ad Solutions and Programmatic Lead
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Earn 4X more revenue by monetizing newsletter with AdServer for Email.

With PowerInbox's email ad server, we now have the accuracy and reliability we need, and it’s eliminated the headache of worrying about the system not working.
Blake Bobit
Digital Sales Manager
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