monetize email campaigns with revenuestripe


Monetize your email campaigns with RevenueStripe

Deliver emails guaranteed to earn money.

RevenueStripe’s dynamic, personalized content recommendation platform is an effective way to drive new revenue and better engage your users.  With its sophisticated data algorithms and content matching capability, RevenueStripe provides insight into the type of content that your customers want to see and adds a new revenue stream at no cost to you – no minimums or fees. It’s really a no brainer – start NOW!

  • Profitable

    earn new revenue from email you’re already sending

    Let RevenueStripe advertisers offset the cost of your email program for instant ROI. Earn significant income by easily adding curated content to any existing email campaign. Content recommendations blend in with existing content and help boost overall engagement with your users.

  • Personalized

    tailored content that captures attention

    Boost click-to-open rates by as much as 73% with hyper-targeted content from over 175 categories delivered live-on-the-open from our trusted advertising partners. Ads appear as organic updates based on our precision customization technology to ensure relevancy and increase CTR. And RevenueStripe's large and growing content network provides ample advertisements to avoid ad fatigue and blindness from seeing the same ads appear.

  • Simple

    easy setup and control to meet any need

    Adding RevenueStripe is easy: just tell us where and what size ads to add into your newsletter template, and we provide the HTML to drip IAB standard, custom or native ads into your beautifully crafted email templates. Ads then automatically populate the right content into emails for each recipient and learns what works based on audience response to optimize content targeting.

  • Agnostic

    deliver on any device & ESP to guarantee performance

    RevenueStripe ads are OS and platform agnostic to perform flawlessly on every device, email program and service provider and at any scale, just like our DynamicMail system. PowerInbox guarantees 100% fill-rate so there is always a revenue opportunity with each impression.

  • Insightful

    track real-time results

    RevenueStripe’s live dashboard displays real-time metrics, including impressions, unique opens, revenue and clicks along with key metrics to help you monitor results and maximize revenue.

    All of that and fast payment with an aggressive revenue share…see it really IS a no brainer! Get started now!

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