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Monetization allows publishers to add a new revenue stream by leveraging their own data to engage subscribers and drive traffic.

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Email: The Trusted Channel with Proven Revenue Potential

Deliver hyper-targeted content that boosts subscriber engagement, trust and loyalty in a channel that is far from dead.

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Push: Drive Audience Engagement and Revenue

Reliable push notification ad placements guarantee monetization and accurate tracking and while providing unique sponsorship opportunities. Relevant push notification ads cater to subscribers’ profiles, interests and behaviors and serve as a litmus test for content that resonates with audiences the most.

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Web: Monetize Areas and Pages of Your Site That are Currently Under-monetized

Using personalized, curated content, you can completely monetize your website and drive higher revenue and results. Both native and display ads bring superior relevancy to website visitors, thus increasing subscriber engagement.

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News Readers: Monetize Mobile News Consumption

Growing fast, mobile news apps offer publishers a tremendous opportunity to partner with mobile news aggregators that deliver relevant stories in an easy-to-consume format. By delivering targeted, sponsored content through these channels, publishers can reach a massive audience and help their brand partners gain new impressions.

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Emerging Channels: New Ways to Leverage Chat, In-app & More

Across every channel and for every visitor or subscriber we've got your monetization covered. Whether it's web, email, push, or emerging channels like in-app and chat, you can work with us to leverage any monetization channel that fits your goals.

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Drives thousands of dollars in incremental new revenue.

The PowerInbox ads are relevant to subscribers and seem less intrusive. It’s simple to use, effective and pays for the newsletters that you’re already sending.
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