C# Integration Engineer

*This job is remote with the ability to work in the NYC office.*

If you join us, what will you do?

Build, test, and maintain computer software that will follow the prioritized product roadmap and sprint based objectives. Provide support to senior engineers to accomplish lower level tasks. Provide support to Product Management during the software development lifecycle.

Specific Goals

  • Deliver software solutions for product roadmap on time and with minimal to no bugs.
  • Write technical specifications for software being created and features being considered.
  • Help plan software deliverables for each sprint and ensure the sprint goals can be achieved.
  • Develop unit tests to cover all (or a high percentage of) code paths for all code written.
  • Establish continuous integration (CI) by writing automatic deployment scripts.
  • Maintain, at least, 99% uptime of the software when deployed into production.

In order to be great at your job:

You Are
Someone that thinks on their feet and doesn’t require micro management to get the job done. You are an enthusiastic, fast learner and have excellent analytical and time management skills.

You Work
Efficiently with high standards and have an excellent work ethic. You pay attention to details.

Together We
Emphasize honesty and integrity. We require teamwork and being able to follow through on commitments. We stay calm under pressure and are open to feedback.

You Have

  • C#/.NET experience (at least 5 years of experience)
  • Computer science knowledge (education and/or actual work experience)
  • Azure development experience (Cloud services, Service Fabric)
  • Developed/maintained automated processes for builds, deployments, CI/CD in Azure
  • Integrated services from different providers/technology stacks (Internet, web, 3rd party APIs) to develop working solutions
  • Experience with cloud hosted software as a service

This is extra, but if you have it, it will make us happy:

  • Experience working remotely
  • Knowledge of/interest in the digital and AdTech landscape, especially around OpenRTB and the delivery of ads.
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You will be working on a diverse range of projects with both senior engineers and Product Managers to provide services and solutions for end customers. You will need exceptional technical acuity, excellent problem solving skills and individual initiative.