Getting Groovy

Getting Groovy with Ready API

Posted: February 12, 2018By: John Kuempel

Welcome to our new monthly techie blog… Ready API is a web service testing suite produced by SmartBear. It started out as a single product, SoapUI and allowed users to write tests for SOAP-based web services over ten years ago. It has a feature-rich UI that allows you to write many tests without the need […]

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InsiderInbox with the Incomparable Brian Carroll

Posted: February 8, 2018By: Renee Chemel

Greetings Inboxers! What a whirlwind it’s been over the last few months. We celebrated our AdServer’s 1-year anniversary, and some record-setting milestones for our business—all of which is thanks to you, our loyal customers. We’re grateful to be a part of your business, and for the opportunity to help you achieve your goals! Speaking of […]

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Super Bowl 2018

Super Bowl Sunday Is Here, Whether You Like It Or Not!

Posted: January 31, 2018By: Ilana Goldmeier

Ah, Super Bowl season is upon us. A unique time of year set aside for drinking lots of beer, eating nachos, wearing ridiculous looking radio headsets, and swearing at your TV to players that cannot actually hear you. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  Probably if you love football. But there are some, like me, who love […]

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MarTech and AdTech

Adtech and MarTech – Good Buddies

Posted: January 26, 2018By: Renee Chemel

AdTech and MarTech: two hot button words in the advertising/marketing space backed by new approaches, concepts, and tools that are reshaping how businesses make money. They’re very different, but also exceptionally complimentary. And if there were a Facebook profile to represent their relationship, the status would certainly be #itscomplicated. The key distinction between advertising and […]

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We Broke Records in 2017!

Posted: January 11, 2018By: Renee Chemel

2017 has been a fantastic year for us here at PowerInbox. As we prepare our 2018 plans, we are taking a few steps back to see all that has been accomplished over the last 12 months. Many new faces have been added to the team as well as new users, functions, and changes in our […]

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Help Your Audience Achieve their New Year’s Goals with Dynamic Email

Posted: January 5, 2018By: Renee Chemel

Somehow another year has passed—again! While it’s easy to get stuck on everything that didn’t go well in 2017, focusing instead on plans for the year ahead is much more productive. In early January, people are squarely in New Year’s resolution mode, but often aren’t sure where or how to start. Quite often people take […]

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5 Reasons to Include Video in Your Email Newsletters

Posted: December 28, 2017By: Renee Chemel

Guest Post by Josh Wardini People tend to have a very short attention span (about 8 seconds by some estimates), so it is no wonder that video is doing so well as a marketing technique in making the best of those precious few seconds. Why does video work so well? First, people can get what they […]

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Make your emails intergalactic

Make Your Email Campaigns Intergalactic!

Posted: December 21, 2017By: Renee Chemel

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…people didn’t have Smartphones, laptops, or even desktop computers. It was a period of slow communication. Rotary phones only later to be replaced by portable phones, and then later still replaced by…pagers (yes, pagers), didn’t relay messages in lightsaber speed. Kids played the Oregon Trail on […]

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Happy AdServersary

We’re Celebrating a Happy 1st AdServersary!

Posted: December 7, 2017By: Renee Chemel

We are thrilled to announce that it’s been exactly one year since our AdServer for Email hit the market, and we couldn’t be more pleased with its success. And, it’s all thanks to you, our customers. Because of your support, trust and investment in our platform, our technology and our team, AdServer has grown tremendously, […]

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How Advertising Shaped Thanksgiving as We Know It

Posted: November 26, 2017By: Renee Chemel

There’s an overarching belief that Thanksgiving doesn’t get the same hype that other holidays do. After the ghosts and ghouls get pulled off the shelves, we are greeted by rosy-cheeked Santa Clauses and a variety of Christmas trees. Sure, there may be a “Happy Thanksgiving” sign somewhere in the store (usually shoved in between the […]

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