Prime Gaming CTR Jumps 26% with DynamicMail

Delivering online gaming entertainment, Prime Gaming brings the excitement and joy of scratch-off and instant win games online with a network of sites around the world. To maintain engagement and keep players coming back for more fun, Prime operates a sophisticated email program with ongoing campaigns across each of its properties, reaching as many as 250,000 subscribers each month.

Looking to boost engagement and carry the same flash and excitement players enjoy on the site over into its email program, Prime implemented PowerInbox’s DynamicMail email enhancement. With features like fading buttons, special lightning, countdown timers and play-on-open video—both in header and in the body of the mail—Prime had many options to choose from.

In fact, those options made email marketing manager Itai Rieur a bit skeptical at first. “I had two concerns: that it would be time consuming and sap my creative resources, and that the impact would not justify the time and effort needed to implement DynamicMail,” he said. “What I found was exactly the opposite.”

Rieur discovered the DynamicMail implementation to be extremely easy, and it immediately generated a lift in click-throughs that easily justified the process. In fact, the lightning and fade features drove a 26% CTR increase, with the timers and header video pushing CTR up by 18% and 5% respectively.

“The first concern vanished once I started to use the platform and found it to be very customer-friendly and easy to use. The html implementation is very clear and straightforward,” Rieur said. “The second concern vanished once I started testing and almost immediately saw the CTR and user-engagement increase, adding to my email deliverability and the channel’s bottom-line. Now PowerInbox has become a staple component in my creative execution process, enabling me to add highly engaging features with virtually no involvement from my creative studio. And, of course, it takes my email visibility to the next level.”