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InsiderInbox: Interview with Matt Heinz

December 1, 2017  •  By: Renee Chemel

Matt Heinz

Happy Holidays Inboxers!

As your holiday marketing plans finally come together, we hope you also take time to come together with family and friends to celebrate the joy of the season. With so much stress, excitement and buildup for the shopping season (and so much on the line), it’s easy to get caught up in the hectic pace. Take time to slow down and enjoy some quiet time. You’ll thank yourself later!

Speaking of a busy schedule, this month’s InsiderInbox guest knows a few things about that. Matt Heinz is an expert marketer, in-demand keynote speaker, author and host of Sales Pipeline Radio, a weekly 30-minute podcast featuring the brightest minds in B2B sales and marketing. Oh, and did we mention he’s also president of Heinz Marketing, Inc. – an award-winning B2B-focused sales and marketing firm?

We spent some time with Matt, finding out drives him, and where he sees the industry heading in the very near future.

1 Why did you choose marketing, or maybe it chose you?

I graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in journalism and political science. I started out as a reporter, and later ended up working in a PR firm. I got the opportunity to work for Microsoft, then later moved into digital. So, while I didn’t exactly choose marketing, the opportunities were great.

2 What is your personal mission statement?

It’s not necessarily a mantra for myself, but for the company: Work hard, stay humble, and be externally focused on what other people’s objectives are in terms of building value. I try to view everyone I meet as a source of wisdom. I believe very strongly in continuous learning and hopefully becoming a better person as a result.

3 Tell me something about your job, other than the money, that inspires you to keep working there.

I love seeing the results we generate for clients. We work for a lot of companies that we can see a direct impact, like net new revenue or overall business growth. It’s nice to see what our work does for their business and their lives. Here, it’s gratifying and humbling to be able to create jobs, and be a place where people like to come to work every day. It’s a place where people are willing to work hard, but also proud of themselves and their work when they go home.

4 Offices or open work space?

We have open offices. I like it for collaboration, but we do have spaces for people to go and concentrate. We built two phone booths where people can go and get some quiet time to work, and we also have some conference rooms for collaborative or solo work space.

5 What is a skill that every digital marketer should have and why?

Curiosity. You should always ask why is this important? How can I make this better? What are the real results?  You don’t make money by improving a landing page, and you can’t buy a beer with a qualified lead. Your work has to generate real revenue results.

Henry Kissinger was famous for when people who worked for him would bring him reports, he’d say “Is this your best work?” And, sometimes they’d just pick it up and walk back out. The goal always has to be: What results are you generating in the end?

I’m all about the numbers, but they have to be the right numbers. Your goal might be to improve landing page conversion rates or open rates or get more out of your Facebook ad spend. But if you go to the CEO and tell him or her that you got 20% increase in open rates, who cares? What does that provide that you can buy things with? How does that generate revenue? Those are the right numbers you need to be looking at—what are the real results?

6 What is the best part about your job?

I get to work with amazing people both inside our company and with our clients. I love to be creative, to try new things, even to fail at things, and then pick it back up and make it better.

The ability to be creative and accountable is very inspiring. Our clients don’t hire us to create campaigns, they hire us to create revenue. We need to create repeatable, scalable, measurable outcomes for our customers. That’s why our goal is always the outcome. You have to work super hard and it has to be effective. It’s both exciting and terrifying, but it’s also super motivating.

7 If you could only use five (digital) marketing tools, what would they be? And why?

• CRM – You have to have an effective, actively used CRM that gives you predictable insight into pipeline—past, present and future.

• A marketing automation platform—to separate qualified leads from those not yet ready to buy.

• Big data/predictive intelligence tool – to help you find the rest of the web, score prospects, and identify which are ready to engage.

• A sophisticated attribution measurement tool – Knowing that your 6 or 7-figure deal didn’t happen solely because of a whitepaper download is extremely valuable. The sales cycle is far more complicated in B2B, so it’s hard to understand which parts of the process are working or failing. Attribution models are really important in finding out what’s working and what’s not.

• Productivity tools – These are things that help keep me from being distracted and stay focused. I use Outlook tasks to maintain a list of current projects & tasks. I also use Contractually to help me stay in touch with networking contacts. It looks across email and social channels and reminds me when I should touch base. It’s my safety net so I don’t lose touch with contacts. I also use MailLift a lot. It sits within Salesforce or an email template, and when you want to write a letter to someone, they will write a real, handwritten letter or thank you card and send it for you.

8 Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter. I find it to be the most efficient way, professionally, to stay in touch and I use it as a drip campaign tool and lead generator.

I use Facebook to keep in touch with people from high school and whatever, but it’s a huge time suck. It’s really just the top 5% of their lives that you’re seeing anyway, and when what you know about them personally and intimately is really quite different, it becomes pretty pointless.

9 What is the biggest digital marketing trend that will drive success in the coming year? What is the biggest digital marketing challenge?

With most buyers in B2B, there are multiple people involved in the decision. But most marketing in B2B is focused on individual. We’re trying to sell accounts, but we’re actually selling to leads. Digital marketing isn’t very well equipped to market to that internal buying committee. We need to coordinate selling, to build consensus and coordinate communication to individuals but sell in a coordinated way to accounts. This can increase effectiveness dramatically.

That’s why the account-based marketing approach will become so important. You have to reach the individual people involved in making the decision.

10 What is your go-to Karaoke song? And why?

“Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks. Because you never, ever, ever have to sing that song by yourself. You can literally just hold the microphone out, and it becomes a crowd song.

11 What’s the one or two things you can’t live without to get the job done?

Pen and paper. I always have this with me. I carry a Moleskine notebook in my jacket pocket, because I always have ideas pop up and I need to capture those. If I’ve got an idea, and I can’t record it, it stresses me out. I have to get it down.

Second, would have to be my family. I’m motivated by my family, and feel super blessed that I have them, as well as a job that allows me to work hard to support them but also to be there to do stuff. When I’m not traveling, I take my kids to school in the morning, and it’s not just about making it to the big stuff—the sports games or recitals or whatever. It’s also about being able to do things with your family on a random Tuesday. Family is by far both the most motivating and inspiring thing in my life.

Thank you, Matt! That’s a great message to share as we head into the holiday season! From our PowerInbox family to yours, may your holidays be blessed with the joy of friends and family as we look forward to the promise of a new year.

Happy Holidays!


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Get the inside track on the latest AdTech & MarTech news, trends and strategies.

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Your direct-sold ads in email that easily translates into money. How? Check out AdServer for Email.

Drive revenue in every email you send. Learn how with RevenueStripe.