How Advertising Shaped Thanksgiving as We Know It

Posted: November 26, 2017By: Renee Chemel

There’s an overarching belief that Thanksgiving doesn’t get the same hype that other holidays do. After the ghosts and ghouls get pulled off the shelves, we are greeted by rosy-cheeked Santa Clauses and a variety of Christmas trees. Sure, there may be a “Happy Thanksgiving” sign somewhere in the store (usually shoved in between the […]

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Kicking Off the Engagement Experts Series: CandyClub’s Edward Standferer

Posted: October 31, 2017By: Renee Chemel

Happy Fall Y’all! It’s hard to believe that the rush of the hectic holiday season is right around the corner already. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about summer promotional strategies and enjoying tasty treats at backyard barbecues! Speaking of tasty treats, we have a very special guest on tap for a new […]

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3 Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage Email Marketing

Posted: October 26, 2017By: Renee Chemel

Just like “regular” businesses, nonprofits also need clear marketing strategies to align with their business objectives. The number one business goal, typically, for any nonprofit is to get more donations in the door to ensure their ability to deliver their mission. Unfortunately, the Social Sector has a very small advertising budget, so their marketing strategies […]

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Understanding the Differences Between Native and Display Ads

Posted: October 22, 2017By: Renee Chemel

When you’re preparing your marketing mix, there’s so much to think about. Why? Because there’s a ton of new tools, strategies, and opportunities that are pushed on marketers and businesses all the time—especially online. Facebook ads. Instagram ads. LinkedIn advertising. Google AdWords. Even Twitter pushes advertising when all you want to do is skim through […]

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Why Mobile-Friendly Emails May Not Cut It: It’s Time to Get Responsive

Posted: October 6, 2017By: Renee Chemel

If you are accustomed to checking email from your smartphone, then you are familiar with viewing less than attractive emails that either take up your entire screen or don’t load at all. When this happens, you and millions of others simply close the email, sending it to trash or spam. In the worst case scenario […]

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Adestra’s Ryan Phelan Talking with InsiderInbox

Posted: September 21, 2017By: Renee Chemel

Greetings Inboxers! As we say farewell to summer and slip into fall, we hope your marketing ROI and customer engagement projections so far have exceeded expectations!  Now, it’s really down to crunch time for solidifying your holiday marketing strategy. How are you planning to connect personally with your customers or subscribers? Drop us a line […]

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Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: What do Millennials Respond to Most?

Posted: September 7, 2017By: Renee Chemel

Before there was Myspace, Facebook, or any other social media channel there was e-mail. E-mail marketing completely changed the marketing game, allowing for amplified reach without the price tag. When social media channels began growing in popularity—marketers were naturally all over it. The possibilities seemed endless, including the ability to reach a more elusive set […]

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InsiderInbox With PowerInbox’s Very Own CEO, Jeff Kupietzky

Posted: September 1, 2017By: Renee Chemel

Greetings from the PowerInbox team! Before we jump into the Q&A for this edition of the InsiderInbox, we wanted to take a moment to extend our heartfelt love and support for the people of Houston and everyone along the Texas and Louisiana coasts here in the U.S. We are shocked and saddened by the surreal […]

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4 Time Saving Hacks for Email Newsletters

Posted: August 17, 2017By: Renee Chemel

A key reason people “fall off the wagon” with their email newsletters is because of time. The reality is, “time” or perceived lack thereof, is an excuse for a whole host of things—not just e-mail. While we could get into an extensive discussion on the construct of time and how you can’t “find time” and […]

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iContact's Hank Hoffmeier

InsiderInbox with iContact’s Hank Hoffmeier

Posted: July 27, 2017By: Renee Chemel

Summer is officially in full swing and we hope that means you’ve been enjoying long days, warm evenings, flip flops, and vacation days. But it also means HOLIDAY PREP! That’s right! The warm breezes and summer sun mean it’s time to gear up for the biggest shopping season of the year and get the wheels […]

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